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High in Potassium

We use young, unripe bananas instead. This produces a significantly savory taste without adding any unnatural flavoring or sugar.

While nutritionally bountiful, our chips are ORGANIC, UNSWEETENED, GRAIN FREE, NON-GMO, VEGAN, LOW IN SODIUM and definitely a healthier alternative to potato chips! Made with sustainable palm oil! Most importantly they are RICH IN POTASSIUM!

This high in potassium snacks are awesome for athletes, bodybuilders or weightlifter that are following a strict diet regimen for high energy consumption. Convenient on the go snack for young children or teens that are gluten-free or vegan.

Very few people meet the recommended potassium intake. Common signs and symptoms of potassium deficiency include weakness and fatigue, muscle cramps, muscle aches and stiffness, tingles and numbness, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, digestive symptoms and mood changes.

Fortunately, you can increase your blood potassium levels by simply consuming more potassium-rich foods like Nana Chips by Hungry Elephant.

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